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13>Embedded System Definition

14>Understand The Definition of An Embedded System

15>What Is An Embedded System

16>Embedded System Design Issues

17>Embedded System Design Paper

18>Embedded System Applications (Book) 1997

19>Embedded System Design: A Unified Hardware and Software Introduction (Book) 2002

20>Embedded System Product Line - Considerations

21>Embedded System Product Line - Discussion

22>Embedded System Product Line - Experience

23>Embedded Single Board System

24>Using UML to Model Complex Embedded System Architectures

25>IBM VisualAge Micro Edition Named "Best Embedded Development Tool"

26>IBM Embedded Development Kit

27>Embedded System Tools

28>Virtual Prototyping Technology for Embedded System Development

29>Embedded Development with Qt/Embedded

30>RaidoIO An Embedded System Component Network Architecture

31>Multiprocessor Clustering for Embedded System Implementation

32>Using Embedded C++ in Embedded System Development

33>Embedded System Programming in Java

34>Tips for Writing Better Embedded System Programs

35>Designing an Embedded System Using the Pentium(r) Processorwith Voltage Reduction Technology (VRT) and the Intel 430HX PCIset

36>Building a PC Compatible Embedded System Using Intel 386x Processor

37>Avido FlexCard? Simplifies Embedded System Memory Design

38>Modeling Complex Behavior Simply with Embedded System Engineering

39>Embedded Systems Laboratory

40>Embedded Systems Internet Resources

41>Embedded System Links

42>Embedded System Design Articles

44>Embedded System Design Page

45>Realtime & Embedded Systems Sites

46>Embedded System Compliance and Version Information

47>Software Products for Embedded Systems

48>Embedded Software Links

49>Information for Embedded System Developers

50>Resources for Embedded Developers

51>More Embedded System Links

52>Embedded Systems Programming Magazine

53>Embedded and Real Time Systems Resources

54>Embedded Development Home

55>RTOS: Real-Time OS (Real-Time Operating Systems)

56>LynxOS - Operating System For Real-Time And Embedded Systems


58>Katix Real Time OS


60>Jbed JVM + RTOS

61>Harmony Realtime OS

62>MaRTE: An Ada Kernel For Real-Time Embedded Applications

63>L4-Linux A Real-Time OS

64>Real-Time OS: DSP/BIOS : Benchmarks

65>Embedded Application Design Using A Real-Time OS

66>Technical Trend Of Real-Time OS

67>What's The Size Of Linux Real-Time OS Ported To ARM

68>IC/OS The Real-Time Kernel

69>Wind River To Roll DSP Real-Time OS

70>Open Source Real Time OS

71>Distributed Real-Time OS DIROS

72>PowerMAX OS

73>Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS)

74>Is AmigaOS A Real-Time OS?

75>Real-Time Mach Overview

76>Real Time Linux

77>MicroC OS II: The Real-Time Kernel 2/e (Book) 2002

78>Real-Time Tutorial

79>Real-Time Information Page

80>Open Directory: Real-Time OS

81>Google Web Directory: Real-Time OS

82>Third Party OS For Other TMS320 DSPs

83>Operating Systems For Real-Time Processing

84>A Study On Multi-Servers Distributed OS For Real-Time Systems

85>Real-Time OS Application

86>KURT Linux

87>OS-C: A C Implementation Of A Small Real-Time OS

88>Real-Time Threads Now Supported In MAC OS X

89>RT OS Market Survey

90>Real-Time Operating Systems Spring Kernel

91>Real-Time Computing Research Repository

92>A Real-Time Operating System Project (Essence OS)

93>Measuring OS Support For Real-Time CORBA ORBs

94>Real-Time Java Platform Programming (Book)

95>Looking For TCP/IP For Real-Time OS

96>A Java Interface To The OS/2 Real-Time MIDI Subsystem

97>TUCOWS Linux Real-Time Empire

98>Standard Operating Systems And Real-Time

99>New Real-Time Extensions To Minix 2 OS

100>On-Chip Multimedia Real-Time OS and Its MPEG-2 Applications

101>NextGenOS Embedded OS Interface Layer

102>OSE Real-Time Kernel

103>Real-Time & Embedded CORBA Forum

104>Embedded OS RTOS

105>Real-Time OS Support For Network Applications

106>Real-Time Technologies MAC Support

107>Sfront Real-Time Operation

108>Real-Time Open-Source Operating System

109>Adaptability, Extensibility, And Flexibility In Real-Time Operating Systems  or 

110>Embedded Testing Solutions

111>Simplify SoC Development With Embedded Testing

112>Network And Embedded Testing: What's So Special

113>Application Of Embedded Testing Methods To Service Validation

114>Using Mission Logic For Embedded Testing

115>Essay On "Embedded Software Testing"

116>Testing Embedded Software (Book) 2002

117>TETware For Realtime & Embedded Systems

118>Java White-Box Testing With Embedded JudoScript

119>Embedded Software Testing And Implementation

120>Embedded System Testing

121>Automated Testing Of Embedded Systems 

122>Automated Testing Of Embedded Software

123>Testing for Interconnnect Crosstalk Defects Using On-Chip Embedded Processor Cores

124>Testing Embedded Control Systems

125>TECS Bibliography of Testing Embedded-Core Based System Chips

126>Design And Testing Embedded Communication Software

127>Testing RAM In Embedded Systems

128>Embedded Real-Time Development And Testing

129>Automated Real-Time Testing (ARTT) For Embedded Control Systems (ECS)

130>Testing Embedded Control Systems Using Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulation and Temporal Logic

131>Parallelism In Structural Fault Testing Of Embedded Cores

132>Testing Embedded-Core-Based System Chips

133>Using A Hitex Emulator For Embedded Software Testing

134>Embedded Software Testing

135>Solving the Challenges of Testing Small Embedded Cores and Memories Using FastScan MacroTest

136>Testing And Diagnosing Embedded Control Boards

137>Atomyste: ATOm splitting in eMbedded sYStems Testing

138>E-SIM - Testing Tool For Embedded Software

139>Testing Embedded Software Systems

140>Qt Embedded & ipaq Testing

141>Testing Embedded Core-Based Systems

142>Embedded Software-Based Self-Testing For SoC Design

143>Deterministic Software-Based Self-Testing Of Embedded Processor Cores

144>Software Testing Tactics For Embedded Applications

145>A Digital Method For Testing Embedded Switched Capacitor Filters

146>Evolutionary Testing For Embedded Systems

147>Embedded Processor V&V Testing

148>Testing Embedded Systems Using Connectivity Testing

149>Testing Tools For Real-Time And Embedded Systems

150>System-Level Testing Of Embedded Analogue Cores In SoC

151>Model-Based Testing Of Embedded Systems

152>Path Delay Fault Testing Of Ics With Embedded Intellectual Property Blocks

153>A Proposal Of Embedded Software Testing Method Using Simulation, And An Efficient Process To Reuse Software Simulator

154>Automated Testing Of Embedded Software

155>Embedded-Software-Based Approach To Testing Crosstalk-Induced Faults At On-Chip Buses

156>Testing Embedded-Core-Based System Chips

157>Test Of Embedded Software Systems

158>Design Method Of A Class Of Embedded Combinational Self-Testing Checker For Two-Rall Codes

159>Software Testing Of An Embedded Cable Modem System

160>Embedded Core Testing Using Generic Algorithms

161>Unified TestPro Embedded

162>Workshop On Software Embedded Systems Testing

163>Automated Embedded Software Testing Using Task Interaction Scenarios

164>Embedded Self-Testing Checkers for Low-Cost Arithmetic Codes

165>Embedded Test

166>Programmable Embedded Self-Testing Checkers for All-Unidirectional Error-Detecting Codes

167>Strategies For Testing Embedded Software

168>Embedded Systems Construction And Testing (Course)

169>Embedded Software Verification & Validation

170>Embedded Core Test

171>Rigorous Testing Of GAO's Embedded Software

172>Partial Isolation Rings For Tesing Embedded Cores

173>Embedded TestFrame - An Architecture For Automated Testing Of Embedded Software

174>Test And Diagnosis Of Embedded Memory Using BIST

175>Software-Based Memory Testing

176>Embedded Test To The Rescue

177>Embedded Systems Need "End-To-End" Checkups

178>The Leading Provider Of Embedded Test

179>Testing An Embedded System Evaluation Board ev386ex Using Internet

180>Elimination Of Crucial Faults For Embedded Software Using Functional Priority Testing

181>A BIST-Based Solution For Diagonosis Of Embedded Memories

182>Test Generation For Embedded Software What Works? What Is Needed ?

183>Embedded Test

184>Embedded Database Systems

185>Small Footprint Embedded Database Technologies

186>Birdstep Mobile Embedded Database

187>4D Embedded Database Cost Of Ownership Study

188>Borland Unveil Embedded Database

189>Cross-Platform Embedded Database

190>InterBase - Open-Source Cross-Platform Embedded Database

191>eXtremeDB A Small-Footprint In-Memory Data Management Engine

192>Empress Information Management Component (IMC) Toolkit

193>Sybase Embedded Database

194>Progress Ranks First In Embedded Database Market IDC Report

195>Embedded Database Reveal Gems

196>FastObjects Embedded Object Oriented Database Components For C++ And Java

197>Informix Buys Cloudscape, Joins Embedded Database Party

198>Gupta Embedded Database SQLBase 8.0

199>Uninstalling The Tools Or Component Database

200>Free Open Source Embedded Database Engine For Delphi

201>Linux Hardware Database (LHD)

202>Mini SQL (mSQL) A Lightweight Relational Database Management System

203>Ontonet R1 Embedded Database

204>Embedded Lasso MySQL Database

205>The Many Faces Of MySQL

206>Windows Embedded Studio Architectural Overview

207>Embedded Java Databases For New World Of Networked Applications

208>IBM DB2 Everyplace

209>FORTE Tools

210>Trends In Database Technology

211>Pocket PC Database Development With Embedded Visual Basic

212>Use eVB And ADOCE To Access Pocket PC Database

213>Coming Soon: An Embedded XML Database Engine

214>Embedded CDDB Tool Kit

215>Mimer SQL

216>MetaKit 2.0 Open Source Embedded Database

217>Sleepycat Open Source Embedded Database Berkeley DB

218>Berkeley DB Downloads - An Enterprise-Grade Open Source Embedded Database Engine

219>Jive Forum Features

220>Embedded Databases - The Unglamorous Database Option That Works

221>Database Trends & Applications Demo Central

222>McObject Small Footprint Embedded Database

223>Embedded SQL Features

224>Polyhedra A Real-Time Fault Tolerant Embedded Database

225>Fault-Tolerant Embedded Database

226>In-Memory Database System (IMDS)

227>Database Procedural Programming PL/SQL And Embedded SQL

228>The Big Little Database

229>ProvEn Software Provides Persistent Embedded Database

230>DOM Software: XDBM - A XML Embedded Database Manager

231>The Great Embedded Database Poroject (Power Fail Safe)

232>PointBase Enhances Embedded Java Development Tools

233>IBM DB2 Universal Database: Online Books

234>EX CDB A Revolutionary Embedded Database

235>IBM DB2e In PeopleSoft's Mobile Applications

236>Palm Database Programming: The Complete Developer Guide

237>Unify DataServer ELS

238>Hardware/Software Codesign Overview

239>Hardware-Software Codesign

240>A Framework For Hardware-Software Co-Design Of Embedded Systems

241>International Symposium On Hardware/Software Codesign


243>Hw Sw Codesign, Embedded Systems, HLS & CAD Web Pages 

244>Bibliography Of Hardware/Software Codesign 

245>HW/SW Codesign Group At Kyushu University 

246>Hardware/Software CODESIGN 

247>CAP (Codesign And Parallel Processing) Laboratory 

248>P.A.Hsiung's Publications On Hardware-Software Codesign

249>Hardware-Software Codesign Project 

250>Hardware Software Codesign Group At Texas A&M 

251>Hardware/Software Codesign 

252>Codesign Web Sites Of Interest 

253>VLIW Processor Codesign For Video Processing 

254>Hardware/Software Codesign Needs New Business Model 

255>The Microelectronics Training Center Hardware-Software Co-Design 

256>Links To Hw/SW Codesign Projects 

257>Codesign On Web 

258>Methodologies For Hardware/Software Codesign (Course) 

259>Hardware/Software Codesign 

260>Hardware/Software Codesign From SDL 

261>Hardware/Software Codesign Appnote 

262>Battery Aware Task Scheduling H/W-S/W Codesign 

263>Hardware/Software Codesign At Ptolemy Classic 

264>A Flexible Platform For Codesign And Dynamic Reconfigurable Computing Research 

265>Papers On HW/SW Codesign 

266>Codesign Results 

267>Hardware/Software Codesign Group At Georgia Tech 

268>Publication Of Codesign Group 

269>Applying Fuzzy Logic To Codesign Partitioning 

270>Hardware/Software Codesign And System Level Design 

271>Codesign Tools Aren't Ready Yet For SoC Era 

272>Concepts For Model Compilation In Hardware/Software Codesign 

273>Codesign Project

274>Bibliography On CAD And Hardware/Software Codesign For Digital Circuits And Systems 

275>VLSI Design Hardware/Software Codesign 

276>An Approach To Analog Digital Codesign 

277>Constraint-Based Codesign (CBC) Of Embedded Systems: The UML Approach 

278>FunState - An Internal Design Representation For Codesign
279>Continuations In Hardware-Software Codesign 

280>Exploring Hardware/Software Co-Design with Virtex-II Pro FPGAs 

281>Hardware/Software Codesign And Covalidation (Course) 

282>Codesign visualizer 

283>URLs To Hardware/Software Codesign Research 

284>Codesign Of Graphics Hardware Accelerators 

285>Hardware/Software Codesign Of Advanced Graphics Accelerators 

286>Codesign In A CDMA-Receiver 

287>Codesign Iteration For H/W-S/W Repartitioning 

288>Codesign Of Embedded Systems: Status And Trends 

289>Industrial HW/SW Codesign 

290>Codesign Process 

291>Novel Hardware Software Architecture For Recursive Merge Filtering Algorithm 

292>Hardware Software Codesign High Volume Codesign Strategy 

293>Hardware/Software Co-Design Lab For DSP And Communications (CDC)
294>Readings In Hardware/Software Codesign (Book) 2002 

295>Codesign: Computer-Aided Software/hardware Engineering (Book) 1995

296>Hardware Software Codesign 

297>Hardware/Software Codesign Of Real-Time Systems 

298>Hardware Software Codesign Of Embedded Systems 

299>Hardware/Software Codesign Testing 

300>Codesign For Real-Time Video Applications 

301>Codesign For Real-Time Video Applications (Book) 1997 

302>COSY: Codesign Simulation & Synthesis 

303>A Model-Based Codesign Application 

304>Using ITL For Codesign (Work In Progress) 

305>Congestion-Driven Codesign Of Power And Signal Networks
306>HW/SW Codesign For Wireless Communication 

307>Hardware/Software Codesign 

308>UMC: A Unifying Multi-Paradigm Hardware/Software Codesign Framework For Electronic System 

309>Structures, Practices And CAD For Chip-Package Codesign 

310>Generic Codesign And Synthesis
311>Hardware/Software Codesign and Applications of a Power Efficient MPEG Video Decoder 

312>Basic Software Codesign 

313>Simulink-Based HW/SW Codesign Of Embedded Neuro-Fuzzy Systems 

314>A Comprehensive Prototyping-Platform For Hardware-Software Codesign 

315>Publications About HW/SW Codesign 

316>A Prototyping Environment For Hardware/Software Codesign In The CORBA Project 

317>HW/SW Codesign Of An Engine Management System 

318>Designers Turn To Codesign And Coverification 

319>A Codesign Case Study With The MCSE Methodology 

320>Proposed Co-Operation: Hardware/Software Codesign 

321>HW-HW/SW-Co-Design Development And Verification Of Software In A Virtual Hardware Environment 

322>Hardware/Software Codesign - Introducing An Interdisciplinary Course 

323>UML Moves Towards Hardware-Software Codesign 

324>HW/SW Codesign - Key Part Of Model Year Architecture
325>A Petri Net Model For Hardware/Software Codesign 

326>The Codesign Of Embedded Systems
A Unified Hardware/Software Representation (Book) 1995

327>Codesign Of Distributed Systems 

328>Formal Models foe Embedded System Design

329>Good site for RTOS and embedded beginners.

330>Perst-- a small footprint object-oriented, open source embedded database for Java and C#

331>Great news... MIT classes @ free of cost...@

332>For Free Networking and Open Source, OS e-books @

333>For Networking Security @

334>High performance computing and Networking Web casts @

335>R&D White papers in networking @

336>NMS free technical papers and web-seminars on-demand @

337>Microsoft Windows Embedded for OEM @

338>Windows embedded BSP links @

339>OEM M2M secure 802.11 b/g wireless applications @

340>ARM based reference design kits for Motion Control by Luminary Micro @

341>Concept of temporary electronic ID for a Smart Car of 2012 @,0,1089080.column?coll=orl-news-col

342>Free GPS maps (MGMaps v1.33.03 s/w) with multiple languages on mobile phones @

343>GPS s/w layer integration for Google earth @

344>A centimeter accurate GPS reading by a Professor @

345>TIís Low-cost less-memory A-GPS solution with 3D navigation @

346>R&D publications from CAR @

347>Vehicle navigation systems by Navteq @

348>VIIís usefulness for DOTAUTO project @

349>Crashing Detection Sensors for urban areas @

350>Hydrogen fuel cell Bike @

351>SBD Usefulness for DOTAUTO project in vehicle security and Telematics @

352>OEM in-car Speech processing by SVOX @

353>EB tresos ģ with OSEK RTOS/AUTOSAR APIís integration for automotive @

354>ITS IEEE1609.3v1 Standard @

355>Speaker independent ASR for Speech Recognition Technology @

356>A Ė Z Detroit 2007 OEM Exhibitors @

357>Future OEM requirements in audio @

358>Crash analysis tools @

359>IEEE1609.x OEM standards @

360>AnyTrack GPS-100 may be adaptable for CDMA based n/w @

361>Tele Atlasís adaptive routing integrated with Digital Maps @

362>Powerful Resource @

363>Driver less vehicle Prototype @

364>Benz next-generation car @

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366>Google's "Recharge IT" Project@

367>Google X Microsoft (in OEM's Comments No: 5,25,27 and 37)@

368>Amazing interactive Cool website@