Academic Flexibility

The students enjoy academic flexibility in the form of:

  • Choice based Credit System (CBCS)– The curriculum is designed in such a way that it provides freedom to the students to choose courses from a list of departmental electives for earning 31 credits.  In addition, the students can opt for four courses (12 credits) as open electives from a large pool of courses across Arts, Science, Technology, Law and Management disciplines
  • Choice of Faculty Member – If the same course is taught by more than one faculty, the students have the liberty to register under a faculty of their choice
  • Accelerated Course Registration System (ACRS) – This facilitates students to register for additional courses in order to satisfy their credit requirements through course works enabling them to devote the entire eighth semester for a quality project work in India or abroad
  • Semester Abroad Programme (SAP) – This enables the students to spend one semester to pursue a research or course work in a foreign University / industry of international repute.  The credits earned during this programme is transferred to SASTRA for the award of degree
  • Students are free to choose their project team mates and supervisors from any School to carry out interdisciplinary projects
  • Students have an option to change their branch based on their academic performance at the end of first year provided there are vacancies
  • Students have an option to register for value–added certificate courses, which are offered beyond the regular working hours
  • Integrated teacher education programme provides flexibility to student to exit the programme at the end three years with a B. Sc. degree or continue for two more years to qualify for the M. Sc., B. Ed. degree
  • University provides freedom to introduce new courses as electives in tune with the latest developments
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