Best Practices

SASTRA has adopted several best practices towards performance excellence. Some of the best practices followed are:

  • Transparent merit-based admission
  • Emphasis on outcome-based and experiential learning
  • Impactful pedagogy
  • Accelerated Credit Registration System providing flexibility
  • Semester Abroad Programme offers international exposure in premier institutions
  • Soft skills as an essential part of curriculum
  • Wide choice of value-added courses
  • Nurturing creativity and honing special skills through Chapters of Professional bodies, student associations, club activities
  • Encouragement for participation and organization of cultural events and sports activities
  • Effective student mentoring through online portal
  • Frequent upgradation/creation of infrastructure
  • Talent-based recruitment irrespective of vacancy positions
  • Incentives to promote performance
  • Welfare schemes for faculty, staff and students
  • Promotion of research & innovation at all levels
  • Proactive participation in National Mission Projects
  • Opportunities for incubation and entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge networking through collaborations
  • Emphasis on translational research
  • Participative Management
  • Social consciousness and character-building through community outreach programmes
  • Complete implementation of all ERP modules
  • Parent-web interface for monitoring the progress of their wards
  • Online financial transactions ensuring transparency

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