B.Tech / M.Tech (5-yrs Integrated Programmes)

Category: Tuition Fees
Tuition Fees : Rs. 75,000 per semester
Development Fees : Rs. 10,000 (one-time during admission)
Other fees (Personality Development, Sports, Unit Tests, Marks verification,Medical Test, ID Card, etc.) : Rs. 7,000 (one-time during admission)


Name of the
Tuition Fee
per Semester
Sports and Unit
Test fee per annum
Development fees
Special fees,
Registration fees,
Medical Exam fees,
etc. at the time of
admission only (One
time payment)
B.Tech / M.Tech (Integrated)

 Rs. 75,000

(5% annual increase from II Year)

 Rs. 1,000   Rs. 10,000   Rs. 6,000