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>> To standardize and validate the safety and efficacy profile of classical Ayurveda and Siddha and Unani formulations including herbo-mineral and metallic formulations following WHO guidelines. 
>> To focus on the development and capacity building in the related fields of Indian System of Medicine & Pharmacy. 
>> To document the traditional knowledge of Indian Systems of Medicine including history of use. 
>> To translate and transcript the ancient palm leaf manuscripts and classical literature. 
>> To recognize, identify and characterize the raw materials and the products of both Pharmaceuticals and Neutoceuticals including the evaluation of their geochemistry, mineralogy, particle size, structure-activity relationship, quality control, etc., used in the traditional system of medicine. 
>> To promote and cultivate important medicinal plants following good agricultural practice in order to attain economic empowerment of tribal and rural population. 
>> To provide value addition of classical products for therapeutic applications. 
>> Isolation and identification of biologically active compounds with their structures from indigenous system of medicine.


Major Research Areas
Research programmes of the Center include studies on standardization and evaluation of safety and efficacy profile of traditional medicines, studies on metal toxicity in plants, soils, herbo-minerals, animal products, the seasonal fluctuation in the bioaccumulation of active compounds and toxicity, geographical variation in the distribution of different elemental concentrations in the raw materials, etc.   


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