Indo-US Bilateral Workshop on 3D Printing: Solutions for Medical Devices | 16 -17 Aug, 2018


3D printing has emerged as a new-age technology in the healthcare sector that offers the ability for rapid customization of implants with high precision and enables mass production of patient-specific implants for personalized treatment, as well as the development of anatomical models for academic purposes. 3D printing offers several unique benefits in the biomedical field that include rapid customization, cost-effectiveness, high productivity and high precision. This Workshop mainly aims to introduce and train people from diverse backgrounds in 3D printing solutions for replicating complex tissue/organ structures with identical shape, texture and material properties for personalized medical implants. The Workshop also strives to create awareness on 3D printing options for production of personalized implants and prostheses. The Workshop will provide a common platform for researchers, academicians, and manufacturers in the healthcare sector to explore this emerging technique for fabricating customized orthopaedic implants with complex architecture within a few hours. The Workshop also involves training sessions for demonstrating the translation of X-ray, micro-CT and MRI scan images into the printable standard triangular (.stl) files towards the production of clinically meaningful medical products. . 

The Workshop will be followed by a one day hand-on training in 3-D printing at SASTRA – TBI on August 18, 2018

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