Campus Reopening - Student Guidelines

SASTRA Deemed University

Thanjavur-613 401

5th December 2021

Campus Reopening - Student Guidelines


SASTRA extends a hearty welcome to all students who are going to attend on-campus, face-to-face classes commencing on 9th December 2021. We hope and wish that the majority of the students are already fully vaccinated. The following COVID-related guidelines shall be strictly followed by all students commencing their on-campus classes in light of OMICRON variant concerns:


  1. Student returning to hostel and those commuting as day scholars to ensure that they are always masked, have a personal sanitizer and maintain distance between fellow travelers and others in public space
  2. All hostel inmates shall carry their vaccination certificate and submit a copy of the same to the Assistant to Warden while occupying their room. All day scholar students shall submit their COVID vaccination report to the faculty handling their first class. This will be useful to plan a special on-campus vaccination drive, if required
  3. Students from other states shall follow the respective State guidelines on travel. Students returning from other countries to visit and comply with the same. Such students shall also fill a separate proforma meant for foreign students as they return to campus
  4. All students, including day-scholars shall follow the MSD rule – Mask, Sanitise & Distancing at all times – both inside & outside campus. We are doing our best to ensure all safety measures against COVID are in place. We shall be supplying free masks and sanitisers to all hostel inmates as part of their welcome kit. Students are adviced to maintain their masks & sanitisers in their personal custody and avoid any mix-up
  5. Students are advised to report to the Warden/Mentor immediately if any symptom of COVID or any form of discomfort is experienced either by them or if they come to know of similar situation to their friends. We shall ensure timely assistance & support is provided.
  6. There is a COVID-related help desk available at the Campus Hospital during working hours and during the remaining times, students are advised to contact the respective Asst. to Warden for assistance
  7. Students shall avoid unnecessary crowding in common places inside the hostel and also in other places inside the campus. Limited parking place is available for student vehicles. Students are advised to either use the university bus or get dropped or come by two-wheelers with helmet. No four-wheeler student-driven cars shall be allowed inside the campus and no two-wheeler driven by students without helmet shall be allowed inside the campus. Vehicles have to be parked only in designated areas
  8. Day scholars are advised to leave the campus immediately either in the university bus or public transport or their own transport and cannot stay beyond 30 minutes after their regular classes get over. Only those who have been allotted to the limited route services of the university bus shall be permitted to use the university bus facility
  9. In the unfortunate event of being found COVID positive, student shall be isolated in a separate facility and parents shall be informed. We shall provide all necessary assistance to the best of our abilities


  1. Hostel room allotment and the fee payable will be reflected in the student web interface. Students who have been allotted hostel, shall occupy the respective hostel room on 8th December 2021. Mess service will commence from the dinner session
  2. We shall provide adequate time to pay the hostel fee and students may occupy the rooms first
  3. The monthly hostel fee indicated covers your rent, food, water, electricity, housekeeping charges and is applicable only for this 2-month period. The regular fee payable for the even semester of AY 2021-22 shall be intimated after end-sem exams
  4. Advance Fee paid by students who stayed in hostel during February-March 2021 will be adjusted against the current hostel charges
  5. Though the caterers will provide clean dining plates, students are encouraged to bring their own dining plate & tumbler
  6. Kindly travel light and avoid bringing heavy luggage like musical instruments, desktop computers, etc. as hostel needs to be vacated after end-sem exams. Once we switch to full-normalcy mode, hopefully from the even semester, such baggage shall be entertained


  1. The refresher classes & lab sessions are scheduled to provide additional training and also to cover the lab course backlogs. The calendar is prepared with optimal care and students are advised to come to campus on December 8 or 9, 2021 and not beyond December 15, 2021 in their own interest. Certain sessions may go beyond regular working hours and we solicit your support & cooperation as much we are willing to  put our resources to its maximum & productive use
  2. The on-campus face to face end-semester exams shall begin from January 20, 2021. Enough care is taken to avoid conflicting schedules like GATE-2022, NPTEL, adequate study holidays and gap between exams for all the regular courses.
  3. The exam fees shall be paid online before the due date and only those paying the exam fees shall be eligible to write the exams. The online fee payment module shall be enabled along with the exam time-table before December 20, 2021.
  4. End-semester exams are scheduled for both the regular & arrear odd semester courses and arrear courses for even semesters with time-table priority for odd-sem courses
  5. For final year students with no arrears, it is safe to assume that the end-semester exam for a vast majority shall get over by 1st week of Feb’2022
  6. Students planning for internship or for other career pursuits may plan accordingly as it is not possible to give any exception to any student. Students having genuine problems may send the same with the nature of relief requested to the Controller of Exams whose decision is final &binding.


  1. The internet coupon valued at Rs.500 has been paid to all the students who appeared for the online end-sem exam during the even semester of AY 2020-21.
  2. The vaccination reimbursement shall be credited to all the registered students in the bank accounts submitted during registration. Students who have not registered can still submit their vaccination details with bills supporting vaccination charges by December 18, 2021. Submissions should be made at the Dean – Student Affairs office
  3. Students who are eligible for full tuition fee waiver under the Student Welfare fund shall submit all the required documents to the Office of Registrar on their return

We have made a lot of changes to the campus and hope you like the same. Please feel free to offer your constructive feedback for improvement or remedial action and we shall attend to it appropriately.

Wish you all a very fruitful and joyful learning