JANUARY 12, 2022


Dear Students,

The sudden and unexpected closure of educational institutions due to the surging COVID 3rd wave has compelled us to revise the end-semester examination schedule and pattern. The Committee of Deans in its meeting held on January 11, 2022 amongst various issues was mindful of the timely graduation for the 2022 batch, internships, employment, higher studies, etc. and also the consequential delay for the junior batches which may lead to irreversible loss of time and value. After a lengthy discussion, the Committee has decided to implement the following changes to the already announced end-semester examination schedule & pattern:


  1. All the regular & arrear exams shall be conducted Online and the revised examination schedule shall be released before January 17, 2022 with the first exam beginning on January 27, 2022
  2. The last date for payment of exam fees is also extended upto January 19, 2022. All students are advised to pay the tuition and exam fee, if not paid so far
  3. The duration of the exam shall be 2 Hours (including uploading time) and the entire online exam shall be conducted in Code Tantra (CT) with 2 mock tests
  4. The question paper shall have two parts – Part A & Part B of 80 & 40 minutes’ duration accordingly and the answers to both the parts have to be uploaded sequentially & independently
  5. The maximum marks for the end-sem exam is 65 and the scores secured shall carry 75% weightage in the final grades. Needless to mention, the CIA scores shall be the average of the 3 CIAs conducted with a weightage 25%. For M.Tech. students, there shall be a viva-voce for each subject in addition to the end-sem exam before the final grades are determined. The schedule for the viva-voce shall be communicated to the students by the respective Deans
  6. The online exam shall be conducted in strict compliance to the highest standards of ethics and remote proctoring with no room for any doubt. Exercise maximum caution during the exam period and do not resort to any questionable practice which may result in disciplinary action
  7. The detailed examination procedure & protocol shall be made available to the student in the website once the exam schedule is released
  8. The Management is pleased to provide every student an internet voucher of Rs.500 which shall be credited to the student account for the purpose of ensuring uninterrupted bandwidth during the exam period
  9. The schedule & pattern for the UG freshers' end-sem exams shall be announced before the last instructional day.


Kindly stay safe and prepare well for your online exams. Looking forward to seeing you all on campus for the even semester.

This is issued with the approval of the competent authority.



Admissions 2022