Guidelines & Instructions | 17 Jan, 2022

January 17, 2022

Online Proctored End Semester Examination: January – February 2022


Every student is required to read the guidelines & instructions fully with utmost care. Ignorance of rules & protocols cannot be basis for any representation later.

    • The end semester examination shall be conducted using CodeTantra Online Platform with Live Video Proctoring
    • URL of Online Exam Platform:
    • The user account for the students shall be created and students shall receive the OTP on their This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. latest by January 17, 2022.
    • Login Email for the student user account in the End Semester Portal will be your SASTRA email ID This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    • For outgone students also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is created and these students shall know their password from SASTRA PhD Scholars shall also check their personal Gmail account for OTP.
    • If you have not received the OTP by email, you can kindly use the ‘Forget’ password option to reset and activate your account
    • For detailed guidance on user account activation, read the CT User Manual
    • If you are not able to use ‘Forgot’ password option to retrieve your login credential, you can fill the form to register complaint, from your account. This form is ONLY for login issues in Exam Portal.

    Form Link:

    • Students can appear in the Examination using mobile phone (smart phone with front & rear camera) and/or laptop/computer with uninterrupted power supply, stable internet connectivity, fitted with a working webcam and inbuilt microphone from their respective locations. Ear Phone/Ear Pods are not allowed.
    • Students, who are not having laptop, shall opt to take examination on mobile phone.
    • Students taking examination on laptop shall use the laptop for viewing the question paper and have to use mobile phone for scanning and upload of answer sheets.
    • Students are to ensure that the smart phone is fully charged. The mobile phones should be kept in do not disturb mode (Silent Mode) during the duration of the exams so that their screens are not covered with incoming call information. If it is not in do not disturb mode, exam could be automatically blocked due to screen change.
    • A minimum internet connectivity of 100 kbps and exclusive internet data of 250 MB per exam session of 2 h is recommended for the online examination. This requirement is exclusive for the exam.
    • Students have to take photo of their answer sheets from mobile and upload the same into the exam platform. Students taking exam using laptop/computer, the question shall be viewed in the laptop/computer and answer sheet upload shall be through mobile. Hence, all students are advised to keep a fully charged mobile with good internet connection.
    • Install/use updated version of web-browsers. Latest Google Chrome is the recommended browser. Ensure you update your Google Chrome browser version in your devices before your exams. If you want to use iPhone or iPad, only Safari Version 13 or higher versions are supported. However, in Safari browser ensure you open the mobile friendly site and not the desktop site through the browser.
    • CT Student Manual for Laptop and Mobile users and YouTube Video Link are made available. Students are advised to see the same and get themselves informed fully about the examination platform.
    • Mock tests will be provided to you in the online platform. It is mandatory to take up these mock tests before taking the end-semester Exams. Each student will take an auto-proctored mock followed by a proctored mock. Details of the mock test shall be informed later. This is an essential requirement for portal familiarity & acquaintance. Appearing for Mock doesn’t mean eligibility to attend end-sem online exams which is based on CoE’s rules & regulations. Only eligible students shall be permitted to appear for the online end-semester exam.
    • DO NOT login in multiple devices. If you are on laptop to take test, then use mobile for scan & upload. If you are using mobile, then you can either use the same mobile or another mobile to scan & upload
    • In case of any technical snag (problem), you can login from a secondary device to take test. It will show a warning when you try attempting to open the test from a secondary device. Accept the same to continue to the test. Your test will automatically log off from your first device.
    • The online exams shall be conducted as per schedule given in and you are advised to check your time-table in the Student Web Interface (SWI).
    • Once logged into Online Exam platform, you will find a tile labelled “Tests”. You will find all your scheduled tests there.
    • You can click the appropriate test which is open and it will take you to a page which will check your environment and thereby commence the online exam with live proctoring.
    • Students should read all the instructions at the start of question paper before answering.
    • The duration of the exam is for 2 h from the start of the exam session.
    • A question paper shall have two parts, each timed as follows
      • Part A: For maximum of 45 marks and for 80 min
      • Part B: For a maximum of 20 marks and for 40 min
    • Questions for each part shall be available at the commencement of respective Part
    • You need to upload the answer sheets for each part individually and sequentially
    • Students shall not be able to visit Part B before 80th Similarly, after the 80th min, the system will automatically move from Part A to Part B. No revisit of Part A is permitted. Students will not be permitted to skip Part A and move to Part B.
    • Questions are designed in such a way that reading + thinking + writing time required for part is calibrated and total time for each part is set as 80 min and 40 min respectively
    • Each Part will have an upload option to upload the answer sheets. Thus, answer sheets for respective Part should be uploaded in the file upload provision provided in the exam window.
    • Finish button will be enabled only from 90th min onwards. If you have completed, then you can click finish after 90th min, check your uploaded answer sheets, submit and then leave the portal.
    • Each exam session shall have one proctor for every 10 students to facilitate the smooth conduct of the exam. This facility is only to ensure that genuine grievances are addressed and not for any two-way communication between students & proctor during the exam session. Generic and unnecessary questions shall not be entertained.
    • You can use multiple sheets to answer a question. Make sure to take the snapshots of all the answer sheets of a particular question and then click on the upload. Clearly mention page number and question number in your answer sheets.
    • When you take photo to upload the answer sheet, ensure that the shadows do not fall on the paper, the camera is held stable and parallelly above the answer sheet and the frame of the picture includes only the answer sheet and not the surroundings
    • Make sure you see the preview of your snapshots and also reorder them if required, before you click on upload.
    • In case, you need to re-upload answer sheets by adding more sheets, you can open the upload option in the respective part and take snapshots of your answer sheets afresh and then upload again. However, note that when you reupload, previously uploaded sheets will be replaced. In other words, you CANNOT simply append/add pages
    • No reference material will be supplied and students cannot use any external reference material during the examination. All the required data will be available in the question paper itself.
    • Ensure that you have enough answer scripts and graph sheets before the commencement of exam with necessary data already filled to avoid wastage of time. Template of first page is shall be available in the portal. You shall complete the first page information and keep it ready before the commencement of the examination. There is no need to take print of the template answer sheet. Handwritten data is also sufficient.
    • Students are encouraged not to use more than 20 A4 papers (40 pages) for each exam to ensure uploading is done with no difficulty after answering.
    • After every exam ensure you preserve all the answer sheets used (hard copies) in your safe custody.
    • Students are advised to log into the examination platform at least 30 minutes before the start time of examination so as to undergo smooth process of online verification by the Proctors (Environmental Check). This will ensure that you will be in a position sort out all verification process and get your full 120 minutes.
    • To accommodate any exigencies candidates shall be allowed to log in within 30 min after scheduled start of exam. However, such candidates will lose their total examination time. In other words, those commencing exam after the scheduled time will also complete the test at the scheduled end time. No candidate shall be permitted to begin the exam after 09:30 h for Session 1, 12:30 h for Session 2 and 15:30 h for Session 3. Kindly note, at start of the examination, each candidate will have to go through the process of online verification by the proctors, hence students are strongly encouraged not to be late for the online end semester examination.
    • The University ID Card/ Aadhar ID or any govt Issued Photo ID should be kept handy for validation by the proctor, while appearing in online examination. Authentication/ verification will be done during the process of exam by a proctorvia device camera.
    • In case during the online examination a student gets disconnected due to power failure or internet failure or device malfunction, a student is given at most 10 minutes to resume the test. If the student is unable to resume the test in 10 mins and the video streaming does not start, the student’s test will be considered null and void. The decision regarding the future course of action will be at the sole discretion of the proctor as advised by the Controller of Examinations. There is no need to panic as any future decision shall be in the genuine interest of the student’s progress.
    • Students are strongly advised to have an alternative device (fully charged smart phone with internet) on the examination table on standby. This will help the students to immediately resume the test in case of any failure of the primary device
    • Students shall abide by the SASTRA Dress code during the examination.
    • It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure an appropriate environment for the examination. You should take the online Examination only in a well illuminated closed room which is free from external noise or disturbances. You will not be permitted to move away from the camera for any reason whatsoever during the examination.
    • Students have to ensure that their laptop / mobile phone can be placed in a location such that their writing table along with their both hands are visible in the camera. Candidates should always place both the hands on the table and should be visible on the video. The spare mobile phone should also be kept on the writing table, upside down and should be visible on the video to the proctor.
    • The writing table should only contain permitted exam materials – A4 sheets, graph sheets, scientific calculator, stationery, water bottle, mobile phone for answer sheet upload, spare mobile phone for backup.
    • Candidates should not keep any books / any other reading material or notes during the examination.
    • Each student will be monitored by a proctor through web cam and microphone like invigilator watching the candidate in an examination hall. The entire session will be recorded for verification at a later stage.
    • You cannot move out of the browser during the Test and try to move away from the camera or open another browser or tab. By doing so, it shall lead to automatic closure of the test. All the activities performed on the examination page are recorded and notified to the proctors.
    • Before the commencement of the Examinations, complete your breakfast/lunch and other necessities.
    • Possession of any incriminating material, scribbling or writing on scales, calculators, clothes, on the body of the candidate and any other act of the candidate leading to copying or intention to copying or any action of the candidate which is detrimental to the fair conduct of the examination shall be construed as malpractice.
    • Candidates are permitted to use only blue or black ink pens. Programmable calculators should not be used and scientific calculators alone are permitted.
    • Any candidate indulging in any malpractice other than misconduct and impersonation will be debarred from appearing for SASTRA Examinations for one academic year or two semesters. Also, all the subjects for which the candidate appeared in that examination shall stand cancelled. Any candidate indulging in misconduct will be debarred from appearing for SASTRA Examinations for two academic years or 4 semesters. Any candidate indulging in impersonation will be summarily dismissed from SASTRA and also handed over to Police Authorities.
    • In the unlikely and unfortunate event of any student found to be COVID positive during the exam season, the student shall be given another fair opportunity to write all/remaining exams and will in no way affect their academic grades. There is no need to panic under any of these circumstances and a simple e-mail (with proof) informing the Controller of Exams in your inability to write the exams due to COVID is enough to initiate necessary action at our end.
  • Students are advised to download these help resources and also view the demo video for better understanding and use of the online exam platform

    1. CodeTantra Login Manual
    2. CodeTantra Student Manual – Laptop
    3. CodeTantra Student Manual – Mobile
    4. Scanning and Uploading Answer sheet:
    5. Troubleshoot Microphone Access in CodeTantra
    6. Troubleshooting Webcam access in Google Chrome Browser



Stay Safe and Best Wishes for the exams !


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