Checklist for Students | 24 Jan, 2022


Online End Semester Examination

Jan – Feb 2022

January 24, 2022


1. End Semester Online Exam Portal:

2. Update Google Chrome browser (Safari browser on iOS) on your laptop and on mobile. Remove all extensions and addon from the browser.

3. Internet Download Engine (IDE) should NOT be installed in the browser

4. Ensure permission for camera & microphone are enabled. No headphones or earphones are permitted.

5. Ensure your laptop and mobile (including your spare mobile) is fully charged

6. Login 30 min before your scheduled test time to undergo environment check

7. Ensure you adjust your sitting posture such that your face, arms and the answer sheets are visible.

8. Kindly abide by the exam dress code.

9. Keep required quantity of blank A4 sheets, graph sheet, pen pencil, eraser, calculator and water in your exam table. Remove all other textbooks and notes from your vicinity.

10. Exam duration is 120 min.

11. You shall be permitted to commence the test within 30 min from the scheduled start time of exam. However, those commencing exams after the scheduled time will also complete the test at the scheduled end time.

12. NO late entry beyond 30 min from commencement of exam will be permitted under any circumstances

13. Exam will have Part A and Part B

  1. Part A is for 45 marks and for 80 min duration
  2. Answers to part A should be uploaded ONLY in part A
  3. You cannot move out of part A before 80 min. Even if you start late (within permitted late entry of 30 min), still you have to wait till 80th min
  4. Part B is for 20 marks and for 40 min duration
  5. Answers to part B should be uploaded ONLY in part B
  6. If you start late after the scheduled exam time (but within first 30 min), the total duration of exam shall be 120 min ONLY from the scheduled exam time


  1. If you start at 09:00 am, the test will end at 11:00 am
  2. If you start at 09:15 am, then also the test will end at 11:00 am
  3. You cannot revisit Part A after the 80th min

14. If you fail to upload your answers in Part A, you CANNOT upload in Part B.

15. NO extension of exam end time or additional time to any candidate under any circumstance

16. All the students have to upload their answers ONLY in Code Tanta Online Exam Portal and NO other forms of submission (like SASTRA Portal or through email) will be accepted.

17. You can change & replace the uploaded answer sheets for a part with a new one (uploading all the answer sheers again) but CANNOT simply append/add pages

18. Finish button will be enabled only from 90th min onwards.

19. DO NOT login in multiple devices. If you are on laptop to take test, then use mobile for scan & upload. If you are using mobile, then you can either use the same mobile or another mobile to scan & upload

20. In case of any technical snag (problem), you can login from a secondary device to take test. However, your test will automatically log off from your first device.


Best Wishes and Good Luck for Examinations

Controller of Examinations

Admissions 2022