8th Semester OE Courses - Online Registration

VIII Semester B. Tech. AY 2021-22 Open Elective Courses – Online Registration


  1. Students of VIII semester B. Tech., who are yet to complete their OE courses shall register for the required number of OE courses from the list of courses given below. Online registration for the OE courses shall be open at 9.05 a.m. on 14th March 2022 and shall close at 5.00 p.m. on the same day.
  2. Each course has a predefined maximum permissible limit of student enrolment. If the enrolment in a course desired by any student has already been filled, alternative elective course has to be chosen.
  3. Such of those students who have appeared for end semester examination for odd semester in any OE course and waiting for result shall also register online. In the event of their passing the OE course they may drop out of the OE course.
  4. Once registered, no further change of elective course(s) will be allowed. Final course allotment shall be shared by 15th March, 2022
  5. Students will receive the invite to join the respective GCR for each of the chosen OE courses through email and shall join the Google Class Room.
  6. Modules of Video lectures for each topic of the OE courses shall be available in GCR, for anytime access
  7. Tutorial classes for each OE course will be conducted in GCR once in a fortnight as per the online time-table to be released after the online registration
  8. CIA tests will be conducted online, carrying weightage of 25% and 75% weightage will be for the end semester examination

N. B. The course entitled “Professional Ethics” is a mandatory course for all students of VIII semester B. Tech.



Open Elective courses for forthcoming 8th Sem Students

8th Sem Open Electives online Mode (Both Main and SRC campus)

Sl. No. Title of the course Teacher
01 Essence of Bhagavad Gita  Dr. T.E.Sowmyanarayanan, DoS
02 Basics of Yoga for Human Excellence – Boys Dr. Vedha Hari, SCBT
03 Basics of Yoga for Human Excellence – Girls Dr. D. Ramya Devi, SCBT
04 Basics of Sanskrit Dr. S.Thiagarajan, DoS
05 Ayurveda Dr. S.Thiagarajan, DoS
06 Introduction to Investments Dr. V. Srinivasakumar, SoM
07 Managerial Economics Dr. R.Gayathri, SoM
08 MarketingManagement Dr. R. Renganathan, SoM
09 Human Resource Management Dr. C. Vijaya Babu, SoM
10 Product Design & Development Dr. S. Pughazhenthi, SoME
11 Basic German Mr.S.M. Narendran, SoC
12 Basic French Mr.S.M. Narendran, SoC
13 Understanding Indian Economy Mr.R. Guhan, SoM
14 Introduction to Saiva Siddanta (Tamil)  
15 Divya Desams  
16 Saint Composers of India  
17 Forensics Dr. K. Uma Maheswari, SASHE

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