Attention First Year Students - Registration for SCORE and EXNORA

As per the decision of the Academic Council of SASTRA, it is mandatory for all the 1st year students admitted from 2015-16 to earn to their credit  100 hours, by involving in some extra-curricular activity in these 4 years/ 5 years by enrolling as a member in any one of the service organisations functioning in SASTRA  namely, NSS, NCC, SCORE, Student ExNoRa, PLASMA, PRAKRUTI, KS UPAHAR.

SASTRA Community OutReach programmE (SCORE) was inaugurated by Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam during the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of SASTRA during 2009. We aim to make the youth socially responsible and provide students with a platform through which they can involve themselves in various programmes focusing on the betterment of society. We work on various avenues like health and hygiene, school teaching and career counselling, women empowerment, helping the old and differently abled, road safety etc.

EXNORAInternational is a non-governmental environmental service organization started in 1989 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, by M. B. Nirmal, a social activist. It focuses on preserving nature and preventing environmental degradation and creating civic sense among the public . SASTRA has a team working for this cause with the same theme in mind. The name EXNORA is derived from EXcellent, NOvel and RAdical ideas in solving civic& environmental problems .

Students who wish to register with SCORE can fill the form in this link-

Students who wish to register with SASTRA STUDENT EXNORA  wing can fill the form in this link -


Students who wish to join organizations other than SCORE and EXNORA can check the website and/ or notice boards for further notifications.