SASTRA requires a completed health evaluation form including immunization records on all full time students. Medical treatment given by the nursing staff and doctor on campus is offered without charge to all students. Students are responsible for all other costs, including doctor visits off campus, prescriptions, laboratory tests, ambulance service, and hospital care. Students are responsible for their own transportation to a physician's office and/or to a hospital except in an emergency, when an ambulance will be called.

The following services are provided

  • Routine treatment and over the counter medicine for illness or injury
  • Nursing assessment and referral to appropriate provider
  • Assistance with special needs for disabled students, as requested.
  • Health screening including blood pressure
  • Health counseling and referrals to medical, social and welfare agencies if required
  • Health education literature on many current health topics
  • Health counseling one to one on issues such as stress management
  • Group programs upon request on topics such as stress management

The following services are provided by  "Vaidyanatha Arogyasala" by appointment at the Health Center:

  • Medical checkups
  • Consultation and referrals
  • Medication management

Vaidyanatha Arogyasala' the in-house hospital with 10 beds and regular doctors caters to the medical need of the students. Two fulltime doctors, one resident doctor besides adequate paramedical staff are available at the hospital. The hospital is adequately equipped with sophisticated equipment and is prepared to meet any medical emergency round the clock. The medical consultation is offered free and is also extended to the nearby villages surrounding SASTRA.

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