Shri JayaGanapathy temple at SASTRA has always been a centre of spiritual activities and religious learning. The temple was built and consecrated in the year 1993, and recently in July 2011 the temple was re-consecrated with the addition of many new deities to the already present deity congregation.

One learned pundit has been appointed full time to do the daily and special poojas to deities and also to impart Vedic and Pauraanic knowledge to interested students. Among the Vedic chants that is taught, Shri Rudram, Chamakam and different Sukthas from the majority. Apart from these, slokas like Indraakshi Stotram, Shiva Kavacham, Lalitha and Vishnu Sahasranamam that have puranic importance are also taught to the students.

Shri JayaGanapathy:

The presiding deity in the temple is favorite-to-all deity, Shri Ganesha, known here as Jaya Ganapathy. Religiously inclined students find his presence, a soothing balm to the ever present tension in the hectic schedule of an engineering student.

Special poojas are performed to Him, on Sankata hara Chaturthi day every month. Ganapathy homam, a vedic sacrifice aiming to please Shri Ganesha, is performed on that day, in the morning, with the help of students learning Vedas at temple. In the evening, abhishekam and sahasranama archana are performed to Him.

Shri Subrahmanya:

Shri Subrahmanya or Muruga as He is called in South India, the God of protection, is also present in the temple, benignly blessing his devotees.

During, Krithika nakshatra every month and on Maha Shashti day, special poojas are done to him with elaborate abhishekam and sahasranama archana.

Shri Idumba:

An ardent devotee of Shri Karthikeya, He is present as an attendant to the God, ever doing good to devotees.

Shri Dakshinamoorthy:

The Adi-Guru, imparting the One-Knowledge, has made his abode in this temple to bless scholars, students and teachers alike to achieve excellence in their fields.

Shri Hayagriva:

The Horse-faced Shri Hayagriva, being a God of learning, is present in the temple to enrich the learning of students and to bless them achieve excellence.












Shri Guruvayoorappan:

Shri Guruvayoorappan or Guruvatapurishwara, the playful child God, has also a sannadhi in the temple.


Shri Durga:

Shri Durga, the slayer of Mahishaasura, is present in the temple to destroy the internal demons and hardships of Her devotees and students.

The Universal-Mother is propitiated with special poojas during all the nine days of the Navarathri/Dassara festival. Elaborate abhishekam, Durga da-kaara sahasranaama archana, silver kavacham are all offered to Her on all these days.

She is also worshipped by performing Sarvaarishta hara Durga homam, a sacrifice aiming to please Shri Durga, yearly.







Shri Lakshmi:

The Goddess of wealth is also present in the temple to bless students compassionately.


Shri Saraswati:

The Goddess of Learning and Knowledge should have a place in a place of learning. So the Goddess also has her place in the temple, compassionately blessing seekers of knowledge.












Shri Nagaraja:

Seated under the shade of two trees, the King of Serpants is worshipped in the temple to allay the fear of snakes inside the campus.








Apart from the deities and special poojas to them, during Navaratri, the traditional Golu is setup in the temple premises for all to see and worship. Namasankeerthanam and devotional songs rendering by students also form part of Navaratri celebrations. During auspicious days like Shri Rama Navami, Yugaadi, Tamil New Year, also special poojas are done to the deities.