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This School comprises the Department of Mathematics and the Department of English.

The Department of Mathematics, established in 1984, with 38 highly experienced and well-qualified faculty members, caters to the needs of technical students for strengthening their mathematical and logical skills leading to successful careers.

Its noteworthy credentials are: Two research chairs sponsored by the DST namely, one in Discrete Mathematics and the other in Number Theory, established at Srinivasa Ramanujan Centre (SRC) , Kumbakonam, of our university, have conducted 7 International Conferences on Number Theory and allied topics and 4 National conferences on Number theory and Vedic Mathematics. Mathematics Olympiad Workshops for school students are conducted every summer for 10 days at Amity University, New Delhi and exams held. The Dept. offers Industrial Mathematics course for TCS employees to groom and sustain their mathematical prowess. Moreover, the Department has been conducting  periodical FDPs and workshops for the faculty members.

It offers the following courses at SRC:

  1. B.Sc.(Mathematics)
  2. M.Sc.(Mathematics)
  3. Ph.D.(Full-Time & Part-Time) in the following areas:

Besides offering various courses in Engineering Mathematics, the Department handles theory and practical courses in computer programming.

The school lays emphasis on the development of the finer qualities of the students, to equip the individual with a high degree of competency and thereby molding them into fully developed personalities. Indian Culture and Ethics is a part of the course structure during the first year of the students. The students are inculcated with a high sense of social responsibility and ethical imperatives as individuals and citizens.

Sathyam bruyath, priyam bruyath – Speak the truth, speak it softly with love-- says the Indian tradition. True to this adage, the Department of English is committed to develop students’ soft skills. It has shaped the English language studies as communication skills courses to enable our B.Tech., M.C.A., M.B.A., B.Com.CA and Law students towards their employability. The course materials have been prepared in the light of the faculty-industry interactions the members of the Department had with corporate leads like Scope International, ELCOT and TCS in the recent years, with emphasis on the industry needs of the employees with reference to soft skills. The English programmes offered have no memory-based questions in either the mid-semester or in the semester-end examinations.

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