Savariraj Sahayam C Research
Designation AP - II
Department Research
Educational Qualifications1. Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery (B.S.M.S.) 1989 - 1995. 2. Doctor of Medicine (M.D. Siddha) 1996 - 1999. 3. Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D(Type 2Diabetes Vascular Complications)
Areas of Interest1.To prepare Standard Operating Procedure (SOP's) to various Siddha formulations. 2.To publish Research/Review Articles in National/International Journals. 3.To organize free medical camps in and around SASTRA. 4.To promote Indian System of Medicine in Rural and Urban population. 5.To validate ancient traditional sastric preparations as per AYUSH guidelines. 6.To published unpublished siddha medical manuscripts. 7.To create awareness and to start STOP DIABETES MOVEMENT through Indian System of Medicine.
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