Faculty Key List School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Name Designation Email-id
Expand THENMOZHI K Dean thenmozhikece.sastra.edu
Expand HAR NARAYAN UPADHYAY Dean - Student Affairs hnuece.sastra.edu
Expand JOHN BOSCO BALAGURU R Dean Sponsored Research rjboscoece.sastra.edu
Expand JAYALALITHA S Dean - Research sj_instrueie.sastra.edu
Expand VIJAYAREKHA K Associate Dean vijayarekhaeee.sastra.edu
Expand SRIDHARAN M Associate Dean m.sridharanece.sastra.edu
Expand KRISHNAMOORTHY A Associate Dean akeee.sastra.edu
Expand DR SRIDHAR K Associate Dean sridharece.sastra.edu
Expand RAMKUMAR K Professor ramkumareie.sastra.edu
Expand SANKARAN R Professor rseee.sastra.edu
Expand MUTHUBALAN V Professor muthubalanece.sastra.edu
Expand REVATHI A Professor revathiece.sastra.edu
Expand AMIRTHARAJAN R Associate Professor amirece.sastra.edu
Expand MANIGANDAN NS Associate Professor manigandannseie.sastra.edu
Expand SUBASHINI N Associate Professor nmnsieee.sastra.edu
Expand DR ADALARASU K Associate Professor adalarasueie.sastra.edu
Expand VENKATESH S SAP esveeeie.sastra.edu
Expand SUSAN D SAP d_susanece.sastra.edu
Expand UMA D SAP umavijayeee.sastra.edu
Expand BALASUBRAMANIAN G SAP Balu_eieeie.sastra.edu
Expand BALASUBRAMANIAN R SAP rbalueee.sastra.edu
Expand JAYACHANDRAN J SAP jj_chandrueee.sastra.edu
Expand CHANDIRAMOULI R SAP rcmoulieee.sastra.edu
Expand RUBALYA VALANTINA S SAP rvalantinaeee.sastra.edu
Expand AUGUSTI LINDIYA S SAP lindiyaeee.sastra.edu
Expand SIVA J SAP sivaece.sastra.edu
Expand NARASIMHAN K SAP knrece.sastra.edu
Expand RAAJAN NR SAP nrraajanece.sastra.edu
Expand SUNDARARAMAN R SAP ramanece.sastra.edu
Expand AVILA J SAP avilaece.sastra.edu
Expand PADMA PRIYA V SAP padmapriyaece.sastra.edu
Expand MALATHI S SAP jj_malseee.sastra.edu
Expand RAJKUMAR G SAP grkumarece.sastra.edu
Expand JEYAPRAKASH BG SAP jpece.sastra.edu
Expand PANDIYAN SK SAP krishpandiyanece.sastra.edu
Expand RAKESH KUMAR KARN SAP rkkarnece.sastra.edu
Expand AROCKIA JAYALATHA K SAP arockiajayalathaeee.sastra.edu
Expand CHANDRASEKAR V K SAP chandrasekareee.sastra.edu
Expand JAMES A BASKARADAS SAP jamesbaskaradasece.sastra.edu
Expand RAMESH R SAP rameshece.sastra.edu
Expand UMA S SAP umasrinivasaneie.sastra.edu
Expand DR SHRIRAM SRINIVASARANGAN SAP shriram.sreee.sastra.edu
Expand CHANDRASEKAR M AP - III mcsekarece.sastra.edu
Expand LALITHAMBIKA KC AP - III lalikcleee.sastra.edu
Expand SRIRANJANI R AP - III mathusrieee.sastra.edu
Expand NATARAJAN S AP - III natarajanseee.sastra.edu
Expand BALAJI VS AP - III biobala_mtecheie.sastra.edu
Expand BALASUBRAMANIAN M AP - III mbsmanian16eee.sastra.edu
Expand PARKAVI KATHIRVELU K AP - III to_parkavieee.sastra.edu
Expand MOHAN RAJ N AP - III snehammohaneee.sastra.edu
Expand MUTHU KUMAR K AP - III kmuthukumareee.sastra.edu
Expand VALARMATHI R AP - III valarmathieie.sastra.edu
Expand LAKSHMI C AP - III lakshmi_cece.sastra.edu
Expand JAISEELI C AP - III cjaiseeliece.sastra.edu
Expand SAINABHA M AP - III sainabhaeie.sastra.edu
Expand RAJAMOHAN J AP - III rajamohaneee.sastra.edu
Expand DEVASENA L AP - III devasenaeie.sastra.edu
Expand NIRMALA JEGADEESAN AP - III nirmala.jeie.sastra.edu
Expand MOHAMED GHOUSE S AP - III ghouseeeeee.sastra.edu
Expand PARVATHY A AP - III parvathyece.sastra.edu
Expand NITHYA C AP - III cnithyaece.sastra.edu
Expand BALAMURUGAN D AP - III balamuruganeee.sastra.edu
Expand RAJU N AP - III rajuece.sastra.edu
Expand NANDHINI GAYATHRI M AP - III nandhini.gayathrieee.sastra.edu
Expand RAKESH KUMAR S AP - III srakesheie.sastra.edu
Expand ELAMARAN V AP - III elamaranece.sastra.edu
Expand GOMATHI V AP - III gomathieie.sastra.edu
Expand PRASATH RK AP - III rkprasathece.sastra.edu
Expand JAYABHARATHY R AP - III jbharathyrajuece.sastra.edu
Expand VIJAYA BHASKAR B AP - III vijayabhaskareie.sastra.edu
Expand MANIKANDAN C AP - III manikandanece.sastra.edu
Expand SUMATHI R AP - III sumathiece.sastra.edu
Expand RAJESH R AP - III rajesheee.sastra.edu
Expand VENKAT BABU G AP - III venkatbabuece.sastra.edu
Expand NARAYANAN K AP - III narayananeee.sastra.edu
Expand DR BETTY MARTIN AP - III bettymartinece.sastra.edu
Expand PROF SUNDARABALAN CK AP - III cksbalaneee.sastra.edu
Expand DR KARTHIKAIKANNAN D AP - III karthikaikannaneee.sastra.edu
Expand PROF AYYAPPAN S AP - III ayyappanphy.sastra.edu
Expand DR SANTHOSH T K AP - III santhosheee.sastra.edu
Expand DR VELAMURI SURESH AP - III velamurisuresheee.sastra.edu
Expand DR PRABAHARAN N AP - III prabaharaneee.sastra.edu
Expand DR VIGNEYSH T AP - III vigneysheee.sastra.edu
Expand PROF HEMAVATHI N AP - III hemavathieie.sastra.edu
Expand DR RAMYA VIJAY AP - III ramyavijayece.sastra.edu
Expand JEYADHEEPAN K AP - Research - Research jeyadheepaneee.sastra.edu
Expand VASANTHA JAYAKANTHA RAJA R AP - Research vasanthajayakantharajaeee.sastra.edu
Expand SABAREESAN P AP - Research sabareesaneee.sastra.edu
Expand PRAKASH I AP - Research prakasheee.sastra.edu
Expand MEENA DEVI J AP - Research jmeenadevieee.sastra.edu
Expand ARKAPRAVA BHATTACHARYYA AP - Research arkapravabhattacharyyaeee.sastra.edu
Expand JAYANTH BABU K AP - Research jayanthbabueee.sastra.edu
Expand DR YOGESHWARI P AP - Research - Research yogeshwariece.sastra.edu
Expand SWAMINATHAN G AP - II swamieee.sastra.edu
Expand EASWARAN M AP - II measwaranece.sastra.edu
Expand ANURADHA K AP - II kanuradhaece.sastra.edu
Expand GANAPATHY  R AP - II rganapathyece.sastra.edu
Expand VENKATANATHAN N AP - II venkatanathaneee.sastra.edu
Expand BAGYALAKSHMI G AP - II bhagyaeie.sastra.edu
Expand SUDHA V AP - II sudhaeee.sastra.edu
Expand SHANMUGAM K AP - II shaneee.sastra.edu
Expand GIRISH GANESAN R AP - II girishganesaneee.sastra.edu
Expand PROF JAYANT SHARMA AP - II jayantsharmaeee.sastra.edu
Expand PROF ARVIND SHRIRAM R K AP - II arvindshrirameie.sastra.edu
Expand NAGARAJAN V AP - I nagarajan.veee.sastra.edu
Expand SURESH RAMACHANDRAN AP - I suresheee.sastra.edu
Expand SRIRAM S AP - I srirameee.sastra.edu
Expand SANGEETHA K Research Scientist sangeethaeee.sastra.edu
Expand GOPAL R Research Scientist gopaleee.sastra.edu
Expand DR AJAY DATTU JAGADALE Inspire Faculty Fellow - DST ajaydattujagadaleeee.sastra.edu
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