Balachandran .S Maths
General Details
School School of Humanities & Sciences
Designation AP - II
Department Maths
Educational Qualifications
M.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.D.
Areas of Interest
Graph Theory
Matrix Theory
National/International Conference Presentation Details
Participation Details:
International Conferences
1. International conference on Number Theory and Combinatorics,SRC, Kumbakonam, Dec 19-22,2006
2.International conference on Number Theory, Theoretical Physics and Special function, Dec 20,21,22, 2007.
3.International conference on Number Theory and Modular Forms, Dec 20, 21, 22, 2008.
4.National conference on Vedic and Ancient Indian Mathematics, Feb 18, 19, 2010.
5.National conference on VEDAS- The Source of all Sciences (VAS 2011), Feb 17, 18, 19, 2011.
6.National Conference on Graph theory and its Applications, SASTRA University, Kumbakonam, 2012.
7.International Conference on the Legacy of Ramanujan , Dec 21-22, 2012, Srinivasa Ramanujan Centre, Kumbakonam.
8.International Conference on Number Theory and Galois Representations, Dec 21-22, 2013, Srinivasa Ramanujan Centre, Kumbakonam.
9.International Conference on Number Theory, Dec 21-22, 2014, Srinivasa Ramanujan Centre, Kumbakonam.
10.International Conference on Number Theory, Dec 21-22, 2015, Srinivasa Ramanujan Centre, Kumbakonam.
11. International Conference on Number Theory, Dec 21-22, 2016, Srinivasa Ramanujan Centre, Kumbakonam.
Factor of Publications
Cumulative Impact Factor of Publications 12.44
Ongoing Research Projects

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International Journals
Title Name Date Authors
Bounds on the Second Stage Spectral Radius of Graphs, International Journal of Computational and Mathematical Sciences 2009 S.Balachandran, S.K.Ayyaswamy, K.Kannan
On Detour Spectra of Some Graphs International Journal of Computational and Mathematical Sciences 2010 S.Balachandran, S.K.Ayyaswamy
On Second-Stage Spectrum and Energy of a Graph Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics 2010 S.Balachandran, S.K.Ayyaswamy, I.Gutman
Upper Bound for the Energy of Strongly Connected Digraphs Applicable Analysis And Discrete Mathematics 2011 S.Balachandran, S.K.Ayyaswamy, I.Gutman
Signless Laplacian Estrada Index MATCH communications in mathematical and in computer chemistry 2011 S.Balachandran, S.K.Ayyaswamy, Y.B.Venkatakrishnan, I.Gutman
The Randic indices of trees, unicyclic graphs and Bicyclic graphs Ars Combinatoria 2016 S.Balachandran, S.K.Ayyaswamy, Y.B.Venkatakrishnan J. Li,
The Harmonic index and chromatic number of a graph Discrete Applied Mathematics 2013 H.Deng, S.Balachandran, S.K.Ayyaswamy, Y.B.Venkatakrishnan
On Harmonic indices of Trees, Unicyclic graphs and Bicyclic graphs ARS Combinatoria Accepted H.Deng,S.Balachandran, S.K.Ayyaswamy,Y.B.Venkatakrishnan
Harmonic indices of some classes of graphs Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 2013 Venkatakrishnan, Y.B., Balachandran, S.,Krishnakumari, B.
On two conjectures of Randi? index and the largest signless Laplacian eigenvalue of graphs Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 2014 Deng, H., Balachandran, S., Ayyaswamy, S.K.
Multiplicatively weighted Harary index of graphs Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 2013 Deng, H., Krishnakumari, B., Venkatakrishnan, Y.B., Balachandran, S.
Maximizing the Zagreb indices of (n,m) -graphs MATCH communications in mathematical and in computer chemistry Accepted S.Balachandran; K.Xu; K.C.Das
The Harmonic indices of Polyomino Chains National Academy Science Letters 37(5) 451-455, 2014 H.Deng, S.Balachandran, S.K.Ayyaswamy, Y.B.Venkatakrishnan
A Note on Harmonic Index and Coloring Number of a Graph Ars Combinatoria. Accepted H.Deng, S.Balachandran, S.K.Ayyaswamy
On the eccentric connectivity index of generalized throne graphs National Academy Science Letters 38 (2), 165-168, 2015 Y.B.Venkatakrishnan S.Balachandran, K.Kannan
State analysis of time –varying singular nonlinear systems using Legendre wavelets Proyecciones 34(1), (2015) 68-83. S.Raja Balachandar, S. G.Venkatesh, S.K. Ayyaswamy, S.Balachandran,
The Zagreb indices of four operations on graphs Applied Mathematics and Computation 275 (2016) 422–431. H. Deng, D.Sarala, S .K.Ayyaswamy, S.Balachandran
Extremal properties of some topological indices of graphs Ars Combinatoria. Accepted H. Deng, S. Balachandran, Y.B.Venkatakrishnan
Trees with Smaller Harmonic Indices Filomat 30:11 (2016), 2955–2963 H.Deng, S.Balachandran, Y.B.Venkatakrishnan S.Raja Balachandar
National Journals
Title Name Date Authors

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