Savitha P Maths
General Details
School School of Humanities & Sciences
Designation AP - II
Department Maths
Educational Qualifications
M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D ,TNSET
Areas of Interest
Stochastic Models
Queueing Theory
National/International Conference Presentation Details
1. Sebasthi Priya R, Savitha P and Sudhesh R (2014). An analysis of discrete time Geo/Geo/1 queue with feedback, repair and disaster’, International conference on Mathematics and its Applications, University College of Engineering Villupuram, Vol. 2, pp 1044-1055.
Factor of Publications
Cumulative Impact Factor of Publications None
Ongoing Research Projects

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International Journals
Title Name Date Authors
Transient analysis of a two-heterogeneous servers queue with system disaster, server repair and customers impatience TOP- Springer 2017 Sudhesh, R, Savitha, P and Dharmaraja, S
Transient behaviour of three-heterogeneous servers queue with system disaster and server repair RAIRO-Operations Research 2017 Sudhesh, R and Savitha, P
National Journals
Title Name Date Authors

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