Venkataraman .V Maths
General Details
School School of Humanities & Sciences
Designation SAP
Department Maths
Educational Qualifications
Areas of Interest
1)Mathematical Modeling in Two Phase Fluid
Flow problems.
2)Optimization Techniques.
3)Linear and Non Linear Differential Equations.
National/International Conference Presentation Details
1)Participated in the international conference on Number Theory , Ergodic
theory and Dynamics Dec, 22, 2011,SRC, Kumbakonam
2)Participated in the International Conference on “Number theory and
Automorphic Forms” - 22nd December 2010.
3) Participated in the International Conference on “Number theory and Mock
- Theta functions” – 22nd December 2009.
4)Participated in the International Conference on “Number theory and
Modular Forms” – 2oth , 21st and 22nd December 2008.
5)Participated in the International Conference on “Number theory,theoretical
Physics and Special functions” – 2oth ,21st and 22nd December 2007.
6)Participated in the International Conference on “Number theory and
Combinatorics” – 19th, 2oth , 21st and 22nd December 2006.
7)Participated in the International Conference on “Number theory and
Mathematical Physics” – 2oth ,21st December 2005.
8)Participated in the International Conference on “Number theory and
Fourier Techniques Modular Forms” – 2oth ,21st December 2004.
9)Participated in the International Conference on “Number theory and
Secure Communications” – 2oth , 21st December 2003.
10)Participated in the National Conference on “Vedas and Sciences” – February 18,19, 2010.
11)National conference on VEDAS- The Source of all Sciences (VAS 2011),Feb 17-19,2011
12)Presented a paper entitled “Numerical solution of Stoke’s problem for Free Convection effects in dissipative dusty medium” at the conference held during march 18 – 19, 2004 in Gandhigram rural University – UGC sponsored National Conference on Recent trends in Computational Mathematics.
13)Participated in the seminar on "Number theory and its Application” - 29th , 30th September 2000 ( AICTE sponsored ).
14)Participated in the“Induction training to young teachers” from 01-11-2000 to 17-11-2000 held at Shanmugha college of Engineering, Tirumalaisamudram, Thanjavur-613 401.
15)Participated in the National Conference on “National conference on Graph Theory Generalizations and Applications” – 20th and 21st August 2012.
16)Participated in International Conference on Number Theory and Galois representations conducted by SASTRA University during December 2013.
17)Participated in 31st Annual Conference of the Ramanujan Mathematicsl Society at National College, Tiruchirappali, June 18-21, 2016
18)Participated in International Conference on Number Theory Conducted by SASTRA University during December 21 & 22, 2016.
Factor of Publications
Cumulative Impact Factor of Publications 8.26
Ongoing Research Projects

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International Journals
Title Name Date Authors
FDM for the effect of dust particles in dusty fluid flow between two harmonically oscillating plates. International Journal of Computing and Applications 2007 V.Venkataraman and K.Kannan
Free convection in an infinite porous dusty medium induced by pulsating point heat source. International Journal of Computational Mathematical Sciences. 2010 V.Venkataraman and K.Kannan
Unsteady flow of a dusty viscous fluid in a rotating channel in the presence of transverse Magnetic Field. Global Journal of Scientific Frontier Research.(Publisher Global Journals Inc. ( USA ) 2010 V.Venkataraman and K.Kannan
Numerical Solution of Stoke’s Problem for Free Convection Effects in Dissipative Dusty Medium. International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences 2004 V.Venkataraman and K.Kannan
Computer Aided Solution for Automatic Segmenting and Measurements of Blood Leucocytes Using Static Microscope Images Journal of Medical Systems April 2018 Abdulhay, Mohammed, M.A, Ibrahim, D.A, Arunkumar, N, Venkatraman, V.
A Survey of Mathematical Approaches to Two Phase Fluid Flow Techniques Global Journal of Science Frontier Research Mathematics & Decision Science (Publisher Global Journals Inc. ( USA ) 2012 V.Venkataraman and K.Kannan
Entropy features for focal EEG and non focal EEG Journal of Computational Science In press Arunkumar, N, Ram Kumar, K., Venkataraman, V.
A moving window approximate entropy in wavelet framework for automatic detection of the onset of epileptic seizures Biomedical Research (India) 2018 Arunkumar, N, Ram Kumar, K., Venkataraman, V.
Thermal and solutal dispersion effects on heat and mass transfer in a viscous MHD flow over a vertical plate International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 2018 RK Sastry, D.R.V.S, Venkataraman, V. Balaji, S.
An analysis of emotional intelligence among professional students using cluster analysis International Journal of Economic Research 2017 Amudha, R, Motha,L.C.S, Venkataraman, V., Alamelu, R, Easwar, C.D.T.
Multi-objective optimization in end-milling of glass fiber reinforced polymer composites using desirability functional analysis and grey relational analysis Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures 2017 Jenarthanan, M.P. Gujjalapudi, Venkataraman, V.
Hydrodynamic marangoni convection in a nanofluid flow with soret and dufour effects International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology 2017 Sastry, D.R.V.S.R.K. Venkataraman, V, Balaji, S, Srinivasu, M.
Solution of system of nonlinear equations using integrated RADM and ADM International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 2017 Balaji, S. Venkataraman, V. Sastry, D.R.V.S.R.K., Raghul, M.
Classification of focal and non focal EEG using entropies Pattern Recognition Letters July 2017 Arunkumar.N, Ramkumar,R.K, Venkatraman, V, Abdulhay, E. Lawrence Fernandes, Kadry, S, Segal, S.f
A data mining approach to classify higher education sector data using Bayesian classifier International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology September 2017 Senthil Kumar, J.a, Meganathan, S.a, Venkataraman, V.b, Meena, V.c
Unsteady Viscous Dissipative Dusty Nanofluid Flow over a Vertical Plate International Journal of Engineering and Technology 2016 D.R.V.S.R.K. Sastry, V.Venkataraman and K. Kannan
Application of Regression Analysis and Evolutionary Algorithms For Modeling and Optimization of Cylindrical Grinding Process Parameters For The Prediction of Surface Roughness of AISI 316 International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 2015 R.Rekha, N.Baskar,V.Venkatraman
Wireless Mobile Ro-bot Control through Human Machine In-terface using Brain Signals IEEE Conference-International Conference on Smart Technologies and Management for Computing, Commu-nication, Controls, Ener-gy and Materials (ICSTM) 06-08 May2015 N. Arunkumar,V.Venkatraman
Gabor Wavelet based Approach for Face Recognition International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 2013 N. Arun kumar, V.Venkataraman, and M. Pournamalarkodi
A Moving Window Approximate Entropy based Neural Network for Detecting the Onset of Epileptic Seizures International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 2013 N. Arun kumar,V.Venkataraman and ThivyashreeLavanya
Unsteady Hydromagnetic Flow of Dusty Viscous Fluid in Rotating Channel with Varying Pressure Gradient International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 2014 E.p.Siva, A.Govindarajan and V.Venkataraman
Validation of a Neural Network Model for a Nonlinear Process by Parameter Estimation International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 2014 S.Ramachandran, P.Aravind, V.Venkataraman, and G.Subramanian
Effect of radiation on MHD mixed convec-tion flow past a semi infinite vertical plate. ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 2016 D.R.V.S.R.K.Sastry & V. Venkataraman,
Automatic Detection of Epileptic Seizures using Permutation Entropy, Tsallis Entropy and Kolmogorov complexity Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics (JMIHI) Feb 2016 N.Arunkumar and V.Venkataraman
Automatic detection of epileptic seizures using new entropy measures Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics (JMIHI) 2016 N.Arunkumar and V.Venkataraman
Prediction of pareto Optimal Solutions for Multiple Responses in Cylindrical Grinding Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities January- 2016 R.Rekha,N.Baskar, V.Venkataraman
Hypergraph-based Algorithm for Segmentation of Weather Satellite Imagery Indian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 K.Rajesh, D.Sarala, V.Venkataraman and K.Kannan
Gait and tremor investigation using machine learning techniques for the diagnosis of Parkinson disease Future Generation Computer Systems June 2018 Abdulhay, E., Arunkumar, N., Narasimhan, K., Vellaiappan, E., Venkatraman, V
National Journals
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