Venkatraman .G English
General Details
School School of Humanities & Sciences
Designation SAP
Department English
Educational Qualifications
M.A.(English Literature)
Areas of Interest
English Language Teaching
Technical Communication
Business Communication
Teacher Competency
Teacher Development
Indian Culture and Ethics
Soft Skills
National/International Conference Presentation Details
1. Venkatraman, G. 1999. "Language Barriers and Communication Problems". National Seminar on HRD Strategies. PSG College of Engg, Coimbatore. 21-23, November 2005.
2. Venkatraman, G. 2000. "Computer Assisted Error Analysis in Remedial Teaching of English Language" National Conference on Academic Challenges for Women. Anna University, Chennai, February 10-12, 2000.
3. Venkatraman, G. 2000. "Strategic Planning in Education and Teaching Methodology" National Conference on Academic Challenges for Women. Anna University, Chennai, Nov 30-Dec.2, 2000.
4. Venkatraman, G and B. Krishnamurthy. 2009. Empowerment of Teachers through Continuous Competency Ascendance: Senior Teachers’ Perspective. International Conference on Emerging Trends in Fitness for Longevity and Education for Empowerment. Alagappa University, Karaikudi March 5&6, 2009.
5. Venkatraman, G. 2012. "Application of Multiple Intelligences Theory to English Language Teaching: Some Strategies." 7th International Conference of ELTAI on The English Classrooms - Experiments and Experiences. Chennai, July 19-21, 2012.
6. Venkatraman, G & B. Krishnamurthy. 2012. "Syllabus Design and Materials Writing for ESP Courses: SASTRA University Experience." 10th Asia TEFL International Conference. Delhi, October 4-6, 2012.
7. Venkatraman G & R.Ravi. 2016. "Identifying a Set of Values for the Students of Engineering from the Teachings of Gandhi." National Seminar on Education – A Catalyst in Creating Peace and Value Based Communities. St. Justin College of Education, Madurai, May 18, 2016
Factor of Publications
Cumulative Impact Factor of Publications None
Ongoing Research Projects
Principal Developer for the Pedagogy Project of IIT-Kharagpur
Course Title: English for Communication
Under National Mission Project on Education Through ICT, MHRD

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International Journals
Title Name Date Authors
Relevant and Student-Friendly Course Materials for Distance Education Programmes: A Case Study English for Specific Purposes World Journal December 2011 Venkatraman, G & B.Krishnamurthy
Empowerment of Teachers through Continuous Competence Ascendance: Perspectives of Senior Teachers International Journal of Business and Social Science March 2012 Venkatraman, G
Developing a Set of Competencies for Teachers of English in English in Engineering Colleges English for Specific Purposes 21 April, 2007 Author: G.Venkatraman Co-Author: Dr. P. Prema
English Language Skills for Engineering Students: A Needs Survey English for Specific Purposes 4 November 2007 Author: G. Venkatraman Co-Author: P. Prema
A Course in English for Students of Engineering with Emphasis on Problem Solving Methods English for Specific Purposes 21 Spetember 2008 Author: G. Venkatraman Co-Author: B. Krishnamurthy
Identification and Validation of ESP Teacher Competencies: A Research Design English Language Teaching Vol.6.,No.2., 2013 G.Venkatraman and P. Prema
Learner-Centric and Outcome - Based Curriculum Development: Principles and Practices ESP World Journal Volume 50, July 2016 Venkatraman, G
National Journals
Title Name Date Authors
Performance of Classroom Teachers: Issues in Quality and Competency The Journal of English Language Teaching June 2005 Author: G. Venkatraman Co-Author: P. Prema

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