Padma .S Maths
General Details
School School of Humanities & Sciences
Designation AP - II
Department Maths
Educational Qualifications
Areas of Interest
Differential equations
National/International Conference Presentation Details
International Conference Participation Details
1. International conference on Number Theory and Mathematical Physics,Dec 20 and 21 2005.SRC, Kumbakonam.
2. International conference on Number Theory and Combinatorics,Dec 19-22 2006. SRC, Kumbakonam.
3.International conference on Number Theory, Theoretical Physics and Special function, Dec, 20,21,22, 2007,SRC, Kumbakonam.
4.International conference on Number Theory and Modular Forms, Dec, 20, 21, 22, 2008,SRC, Kumbakonam.
5. International conference on "Number Theory and Galois Representations", Dec, 21,22, 2013,SRC, Kumbakonam.
6. International conference on Number Theory, Dec 21 and 22,2014,SRC, Kumbakonam.
7. International conference on Number Theory,Dec 21 and 22, 2015, SRC, Kumbakonam.
8.International conference on Number Theory,Dec 21 and 22, 2016, SRC, Kumbakonam.
National Conference
1. National Conference on Vedic and Ancient Indian Mathematics, 18-19th Feb 2010, SASTRA University, Thanjavur.
2. National conference on VEDAS- The Source of all Sciences (VAS 2011), Feb 17, 18, 19, 2011, SASTRA University, Thanjavur.
3. National conference on "Advances in Partial differential Equations",13 and 14 Dec 2013, SRC Kumbakonam
4. 31st Annual conference of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society , 18- 21 June 2016, National College, Tiruchirapalli.
Factor of Publications
Cumulative Impact Factor of Publications 2.457
Ongoing Research Projects

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International Journals
Title Name Date Authors
Homotopy analysis method to water quality model in a uniform channel Applied Mathematical Sciences Vol. 7, 2013, no. 21-24, 1057-1066 S.Padma, G.Hariharan, K.Kannan, R.Srikanth
An efficient wavelet based approximation method to Time fractional Black-Scholes European option pricing problem arising in Financial Market Applied Mathematical Sciences 2013 Dr.G.Hariharan, S.Padma, Mr.Pirabaharan.P
An efficient wavelet based approximation for a few second order differential equations arising in Science and engineering International Journal of Engineering and Technology Vol. 5. No.3, 2013 3092 - 3100 S.Padma, Dr.G.Hariharan, Dr.K.Kannan
Wavelet based analytical expressions to steady state biofilm model arising in biochemical engineering Journal of Membrane Biology 2015 S.Padma & G.Hariharan
A new spectral method applied to immobilized biocatalyst model arising in biochemical Engineering Applied Mathematical Sciences 2016 S.Padma,G. Hariharan & Sonia Castellusuci
Wavelet based approximation method for solving wave and fractional wave equations arising in ship dynamics International Journal of Oceans and Ocenography 2016 S.Padma,G. Hariharan, D.Sathiyaseelan& K.Kannan
Analytical Expressions Pertaining to the Steady State Concentrations of Glucose, Oxygen and Gluconic Acid in a Composite Membrane Using Genocchi Polynomials Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 2018 S. Padma G. Hariharan
National Journals
Title Name Date Authors

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