Academic Flexibility

SASTRA is sensitive to the learning abilities of diverse students and provides adequate avenues to accommodate such diverse learning abilities.

The following opportunities are provided for advanced learners:

  • Accelerated Credit Registration System (ACRS): Students with CGPA ≥ 7.5 can register for an open elective course each semester commencing from 4th semester onwards so that the finals
  • Semester can be devoted for their project work leading to employment / graduate / Ph.D. studies.
  • Research credits: Students can undertake research work in 6th semester in lieu of one department elective in the 7th semester. This encourages students to sharpen their research acumen and gain experience.
  • Semester Abroad Programme (SAP): Provision exists to carry out final semester project in premier foreign institutions like Harvard, MIT, Cornell, CMU, etc. SASTRA reimburses their travel and provides a per diem of US $ 200 per month to meet part of their expenses.
  • Honours courses: Students with CGPA ≥ 7.5 are permitted to enrol for additional courses in their discipline offered by SASTRA or online platforms like Coursera, SWAYAM etc., on a self-study mode.
  • Fellowships: Students are encouraged to apply and undertake fellowships at reputed national institutes through the Indian Academies by facilitating their joining the next semester at a later date.
  • Competitive exams preparation: Students appearing for competitive exams like GATE, CSIR-NET, etc., are mentored by experienced faculty.
  • Diagnostic tests for English: First year students are assessed for their English proficiency through a diagnostic test and those who clear can undergo a foreign language course in lieu of English.
  • In addition, SASTRA has instituted several awards to recognize and motivate meritorious students. These include Dean’s Merit list (top 2%) and Merit list (2-10%), Best outgoing students’ award, etc.

To help the slow learners, the following strategies are followed:

  • Remedial classes: Slow students are given remedial classes after regular class hours to help them understand concepts, revise the topics and gain clarity of the fundamentals.
  • Mentoring: A faculty mentor regularly monitors the academic performance of every student through an online mentoring system. Slow students are counselled by the mentor individually and the parents are also informed. Professional counselling is also provided, if required.
  • Anukul Shikshan: Slow students are trained through additional peer learning on developing aptitude and technical skills. The student trainers are paid an honorarium for their service.
  • Slow students with attention deficiency are provided courses, ‘Enhancing Concentration’ and 'Yoga for Human Excellence'.
  • Supplementary exams: Students are provided opportunities to clear their backlog during both odd and even semester examinations. The arrear examinations are scheduled to ensure that the students get adequate time for preparation. Summer/winter schools are conducted to revise the concepts.
  • Bridge courses: This facility is provided to students who come from different academic backgrounds to attain the pre-requisites required for undergoing a course.

Additional avenues for all students:

Irrespective of the academic performance, all students are provided opportunities to:

  • Ideate, innovate and get incubated in the TBIs at SASTRA
  • Participate in technical clubs, cultural/sports activities, national and international technical contests, to promote team-working and inter-personal skills